Sex Therapy


Sex therapy can take many forms. Some people seek this kind of work to make changes in their experience, performance, or ability to be present in intimacy or sex. Others benefit from having a skilled practitioner support changes in their sexual identity, gender identity, or personal wants and needs.


Talking about intimacy and sexuality can be scary and may leave you feeling vulnerable or unsure. Pulling from my experience in both the sexuality and counseling fields, I hope to foster a safe environment in which to explore these issues and support your sexuality in a healthy, affirming way.


Sexual issues are resolved by addressing them directly. Our work can focus on the specific issues keeping you from having the sexual experiences you want.


Approaches I commonly use include:


  • *Learning/Practicing new verbal and interpersonal skills
  • *Understanding how your thoughts affect your sexual performance
  • *Negotiating healthy boundaries (learning what you do and don’t want, how to ask for it, how to tolerate other people’s reactions to your needs)
  • *Improving your sexual confidence
  • *Strengthening your sexual identity
  • *Mindfulness practices that reconnect you with your body
  • *Exploration of your fantasy world
  • *Supporting your sexual and gender identity
  • *Sexual homework to practice in-between sessions


While your experience in sex therapy with me will be multi-faceted, I do not provide any form of sexual touch or surrogacy.


I am happy to address any specific questions or concerns you have about engaging in this kind of therapy work in a phone consultation to help us determine if we are a good working fit.