It is my belief that working with people in the context of a relationship can be incredibly healing, both for the individuals in the relationship as well as for the relationship itself. When I work with couples or people in relationships, my goal is to support all partners fairly and equally. Rather than blaming one person in the relationship for the issues with the system, we will focus on how your interactions are working against your goals of closeness.


Often people in partnership come to see me feeling disappointed and fearful that their relationships have become painful and destructive. I work with couples to see this situation as one that is both inevitable (almost all couples hit a roadblock at some point) and also an opportunity to grow together in new ways. When difficulties in relationships are worked through with a therapist, couples often find their connection, intimacy, and love for each other renewed and deepened.


Relationship issues I commonly counsel include:
* Developing better communication skills
* Learning alternatives to fighting or withdrawing
* Recovering from an affair
* Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) issues
* Promoting understanding and compassion around sexual needs
* Healing from past trauma and relational wounds
* Resolving parenting differences
* Pre-Commitment/Marriage Counseling
* Negotiating “Open Relationships”
* Navigating new situations (such as blended families, career changes, child birth)
* Getting through separation and divorce in a way that honors your relationship


If you do not see your particular circumstance or condition here, I encourage you to give me a call to discuss what you are looking to work on. If you feel we are not an ideal fit for your situation, I am always happy to offer referrals.