It is my belief that we begin life as whole. As we grow up, life experiences add layers of fear and insecurity that cloud our initial feelings of wholeness. We begin to feel flawed in some essential way, as if we are “not enough” or “too much” for other people to handle.


All of these false beliefs and coping strategies were created to protect the tender parts of us that strive towards growth but for some reason got shut down along the way. We respond to the world through these ways of thinking, repeating patterns even when we know they don’t work for us. We’ve been doing it these ways for so long, it often feels there is no other way. This makes it very difficult to allow something new and more positive to grow.


I help couples and individuals learn to feel what is happening right now, and to stay with those feelings, gradually becoming comfortable with them. Over time our work often moves into communicating with others about our true wants and desires. This allows people to begin to change the patterns that have held them back from having the kinds of relationships and lives they hoped for. Healing begins when we are able to identify these roadblocks and begin to move them aside, allowing for our whole self to emerge.


I practice from the theories of Relational Therapy, largely EFT (emotionally-focused therapy), attachment-centered, and mindfulness-based modalities.