Becoming a therapist has introduced me to the most rewarding and important work I have ever done. Working with people when they are actively seeking change is inspirational, not to mention scary, exhilarating, and the ultimate privilege. Therapy is a process of life alchemy, breaking down ordinary elements to create value in the form of lives we want to lead. I love this work and I am passionate about creating a safe, collaborative, and dynamic environment where my clients can take risks in order to create the lives and relationships they most desire.


Currently, I run a private counseling practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy (MFC# 52219) in Oakland, California. I hold dual master’s degrees in both Counseling MFT and Human Sexuality Studies and have practice teaching at the collegiate in both fields of study. Currently I am teaching graduate-level counseling/sexuality at the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State. My current classes assist new counselors and social workers in exploring their cultural values and better integrating issues of sexuality into their professional work.


Outside of the counseling office, I lead seminars and process groups for audiences that focus on non-normative experiences of sexuality and gender. I have a great deal of interest in working with folks (and their partners) identifying on a gender/genderqueer spectrum, LGBTQQI family creation & growth, “non-normative” or complex sexual/relationship dynamics (including poly relationships and families, and practicers or practitioners of kink and/or sex work.  I also lead groups for LGBTQ parents in the East Bay of San Francisco that help explore conscious role development of parents, donors, and family identities.


If you have questions about anything you read here and want to talk with me about it, I would be happy to speak with you more about it.